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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Avery's On-line Bride Name Change Concerns - The Problems of On-Line Married Name Change

Seven percent: This is the amount, according to the Federal Trade Commission, of identity theft victims who were 19 or younger in 2009. Seven percent might not seem like a lot, but keep in perspective the estimated 10 million identity theft victims in 2009 alone! Now, in 2011 the numbers may be greater. It is no consolation to you, if your identity is compromised, that you are included in the vast sea of inconvenienced and devastated others. Moreover, what about those OVER 19? Those recently married, and in there twenties or thirties? Are you in this group? With higher victim numbers in those twenty and older, those marrying find a greater risk.

True Story - Online Bride Maiden Name Change Promises Couples A Quick Name Change Via A Supposed  “Secure” Filling Out Of Sensitive Data – Dangerous Or Wise?

Avery, a Real Bride With Real Concerns - A True Story!

Avery, was a busy woman, and just married. She found a web site which promised to help her change her last name, and all on-line – So she thought! After fidgeting with on-line forms and providing very sensitive personal information, she realized something. In short, she would still have to download the forms, and send them in! She also assessed that this site provided no help on the important or crucial details belonging to a successful maiden name change: No one to call to ask questions. No direction on what to do and when, just to name a few concerns. Very importantly, Avery’s alarm bells went off as she thought about “Identity Theft” and her own personal identity! Despite the web sites claims of being 'insured”, it meant nothing, if compromised, she would still be the victim, and have the onerous duty of rectifying it all!  So, why could she not fill out her forms at home, on her own computer? Why couldn’t she get at – home assistance on the process and progress of her name change?

What Did Avery Do? She Contacted The National Experts On Bride Name Change Notification

Avery, went beyond the “hype” of the on-line bride maiden name change web site, to the experts. In contacting The Name Change Kit For Brides at-home software helpline, she had a complimentary consultation with an on-line expert. She expressed her concern over how cumbersome the on-line forms filling had been. That she had no help from the web site staff, as they did not provide individual help on bride name change. That she wasn’t even certain that your personal information was kept sacred!  She had given up on her change of name, and was very, very, frustrated.

A recent “online” presence of DIY name change forms web sites, promise a trouble free maiden name change. The inventors of such products seem to be “tech geeks” trying to make a buck! They have  NO substantial knowledge of bride maiden name change. Luring brides and grooms with the idea that name change can be accomplished on-line solely! – This claim is untrue. With the rise of identity theft, providing sensitive information to strangers is very risky. It is also unwise, in that a software programmer knows little or nothing about bride maiden name change. Bride name change is complicated, should be done with at-home software (for additional personal identity protection), and guided by name change professionals. Imagine your auto mechanic directing your name change endeavors. Or, your hair stylist? Or, your next door neighbor for that matter? Software programmers, automating name change for the dollar, are not interested in your complete or consistent name change. Also, if the Federal Government can not avoid “Identity Theft” scenarios, how can simple software programmers turned “Name Change Forms Dispensers”?  Food for thought before you begin maiden name change!

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